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7th Oct 2018
Your Web Hosting Webmail

Your Web Hosting Webmail is at: https://webmail.dorset.email

9th Aug 2018
Web Hosting Packages

  1. The Linux Web Hosting Demo URL is at:  https://control.dorset-hosting.net/login/demo using dorset-hosting.me.uk.
  2. Linux WordPress Hosting Packages, are simply that!
  3. Windows Web Hosting Packages obviously have Windows Server OS, with specific  differences and features.

9th Aug 2018
Timeline Backups

Introducing Timeline Backups - Free of Charge!
We have established Timeline Backups on our Services, which provides Daily Automated Backups of your Website(s) and Database(s), each one stored for 30 Days.

9th Aug 2018
Malware Scanning & Alerts!

Introducing Malware Scanning - Free of Charge!
We regularly scan all of your websites for potential malware signatures.
An overview of packages that have been reported as having malware infected files are received (by Management) in Daily Malware Alerts? If these alerts affect your website(s), you will be advised!

9th Aug 2018